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‘Establish your Ideal Food Brand’ 2016 - Prize Distribution

It’s easy to see how the schools’ students gradually lose control of their diets. Due to incomplete knowledge or awareness about healthier foods kids are ignorant of the health risks associated with the use of hazardous foods and products. In 2016, GLA arranged a research based practical activity ‘Establish your ideal Food Brand’ for grades 9-12 students which was focused to develop their practical research and development skills. By undergoing this practical exercise the participants had opportunities of knowing the benefits of eating real and natural foods and thereby to reach their fullest potential in maintaining their ideal health.

The activity was focused to facilitate the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 which ensures healthy lives and promotes well being for all at all rates. At global level many more efforts are needed to fully eradicate a wide range of diseases and address many different persistent and emerging health issues. By focusing on providing more efficient support to health systems, improved sanitation and hygiene, increased access to physicians and more tips on ways to reduce ambient pollution, significant progress can be made in helping to save the lives of millions.

The 4 steps meticulous activity ‘Establish your ideal Food Brand’ provided to the participants a research based practical exercise to develop their ideal food brand by knowing the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and adequate and deficient food brands. Their awareness in selecting and eating real foods could lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and prevent everything from tooth decay and obesity to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.When we know about the difference, we prefer to have foods that are organic or grown through sustainable growing methods. This not only increases healthfulness but also decreases our carbon footprint and protects our environment.

This research based activity was aimed at providing following benefits to the young scholars:

  • To develop among them research and practical work approach in preparing them to efficiently meet the future standards of advanced studies.
  • To offer them detailed knowledge about foods, their sources and the factors which make them healthier or hazardous for the users.
  • To give them introduction of practical research methodology by establishing a research based food brand through the fundamentals of marketing
  • To present to each participant a research Certificate of Achievement as a valuable addition in her/ his academic record.

Results of ‘Establish your Ideal Food Brand’ Activity

Green Living Association presents its cordial compliments to all Young Scholars – the participants of the research based practical activity ‘Establish your ideal Food Brand’. The activity was focused to develop the Young Scholars’ practical research and development skills in growing them as sophisticated and healthier youngsters in the community of advanced nations.

Unfortunately, due to shortage of space we cannot provide here the names of all Young Scholars – each one of you - on achieving a world class Certificate of Appreciation mentioning your name, attained marks and classified grade. We present here collective greetings and appreciation to all Young Scholars, especially to your Schools’ Administrators and your families in making it a wonderful success.

The activity proved to be really fascinating for the participants as they practically explored the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods and adequate and deficient food brands. No doubt, it had been a great opportunity not only to increases healthfulness but also to decreases your carbon footprint in protecting our environment.

Though each participant of ‘Establish your ideal Food Brand’ is a winner, here we have mentioned the names of few selective winners:

Winner’s Name School/ Campus Winning Prize
Vincent Inayat, Class 9-L The City School PAF Chapter Karachi Crown Young Scholar to win Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize
Bilal Tahir, Class 11-Silver Beaconhouse School Margalla Campus (Boys) Islamabad Star Young Scholar Prize
Moazzam Ali Class 10 The City School Jinnah Campus Hyderabad Star Young Scholar Prize
Bismah Ahmedani, Class 10-T Apple The City School Darakhshan Campus Karachi Star Young Scholar Prize
Jaweria Naveed, Class XI Army Public Shool Westridge-III Girls Wing Rawalpindi Bright Young Scholar Prize
Mehreen Tariq, Class X Beaconhouse School Jamrud Campus Peshawar Bright Young Scholar Prize
Preeti Goreja Class 9-T The City School Indus Campus Sukkur Bright Young Scholar Prize
Ritisha Chawla Class 9-O-T The City School Larkana Campus Bright Young Scholar Prize
Eman Akhter, Class IX BahriaFoundation College Attock Super Young Scholar Prize
Shurooq Azam, Class X-Yellow Beaconhouse School Johar Town, Lahore Super Young Scholar Prize
Hooren Malik, Class 9 The City School PECHS Senior Girls Super Young Scholar Prize
Aryan Anwar Class 11-C1-HAS Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Karachi Super Young Scholar Prize
Laiba Hadi Class 9 Army Public Shool & College Jhelum Cantt Super Young Scholar Prize
Danish Memon Class X Army Public Shool & College Petaro Jamshoro Super Young Scholar Prize
Shahzil Shahid Grade 10 Army Public Shool & College Hyderabad Cantt Super Young Scholar Prize
Muhammad Haad Class Gr-XI Al-A’la International Islamic School Lahore Super Young Scholar Prize
Hajira Ikram Class IX Roots School System, Rawalpindi Best Research Prize
Shehreyar Arif Kitchlew Class 11-1-E Aitchison College Lahore Best Research Prize
Amina Wasif Class X Beaconhouse School Margalla Campus (Girls) Islamabad Best Research Prize
Sarah Usman Class X-B Beaconhouse School Canal Girls Campus Lahore Best Research Prize
Shiza Imran Class 10 BahriaFoundation College Faisalabad Best Research Prize
Abdullah Amir, Class X-B BahriaFoundation College Nazimabad Campus Karachi Best Research Prize
Aayza Amir Class 9 The City School DHA Campus Islamabad Best Research Prize
Muneeb Ahmed, Class 10-C The City School Kharian Branch Best Research Prize
Anusha Asim, Class 9-C Lahore Grammar School 1A1 Ghalib Market Lahore Best Research Prize
Amish Fatima Class VII-B Garrison Academy Jr. Gujranwala Best Research Prize
Ayyub Hassan Khan Class X-A Garrison Boys High School & Inter College Lahore Cantt Best Research Prize
Ayesha Yousaf Grade 9 Froebel’s International School Rawalpindi Best Research Prize
Saima Aslam Class XI Chiniot Islamia School & College Faisalabad Best Research Prize
Wania Shafique Class 10-Red Army Public Shool & College For Girls Multan Best Research Prize
Dua Shahzad, Class 8 Army Public Shool & College Rahim Yar Khan Best Research Prize

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