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‘Energy Mission’ - A Free Project for Green Partner Schools

Energy Mission was the last activity of the comprehensive ‘Energy Project’ which offered 3 dimensional learning to the Green Angels (participating students) with their one-time registration. After successful accomplishment of the Energy Quiz the Green Angels joined hands in ‘Energy Mission’ to practically learn the ways how to save energy in their practical lives.

The objective of the nationwide complimentary (free of cost) activity ‘Energy Mission’ was to bring Energy Conservation in the lives of students and their families. Energy Mission was the last (practical) round of ‘Energy Quiz 2015’ for the campuses participated in ‘Energy Quiz’. The focus of ‘Energy Mission’ was to save our planet from the serious impacts of greenhouse gases and pollutants caused by the excessive use of fossil fuels. This will further support our eventual objective of developing an Energy Efficient Nation by mobilising each Pakistani to voluntarily contribute his/ her part in making an Energy Conscious World.

Every year, GLA introduces a comprehensive project on a vital Environmental subject offering determined, inclusive and rewarding environmental activities for nominal registration fee, followed by their complimentary (free of cost) practical projects. Such planning and implementation is based upon the rich experiences of the developed nations around the globe with their realization that the key for achieving and sustaining sovereignty is having self-reliance in access to use of energy.

In making Pakistan an energy sovereign country, we need to revolutionize our energy system from fossil-fuels to renewable energy in an energy proficient manner. Still about 38 % of Pakistan’s population is without an access to electricity despite having plenty of sustainable energy resources yet to be utilized. One of the most viable solutions to the energy crisis in Pakistan is thereby to utilize the suitable renewable energy sources according to our climate and socio-economic conditions.

During the practical project ‘Energy Mission’, Green Living Association provided to the schools’ administrations Energy Mission Guidebooks and practical support to arrange simple, constructive and resolute practical activities for the students with the scope of revolutionizing their thoughts and actions.

The participating campuses were given a choice to have either ‘Inclusive Participation’ by formally following the timeline and by sending their activity reports on the given forms or to have ‘Basic Participation’ which allowed the campuses to arrange the practical activities, as suggested in the guidebooks, conveniently in line with their own timeline. Though ‘Energy Mission’ was a complimentary (free of cost) activity for the Green Angels who participated in ‘Energy Quiz 2015’ yet a campus’ administration was allowed to include in the project the students other than the participants of ‘Energy Quiz’ without any registration fee.

The campuses with their active participation and exclusive practical activities were presented rewards during prize distribution at the end of the Project.

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