Green Living Association

Winter Vacation Round of ‘My Green Campus’

We thank the Green Partner Schools management for their warm welcome to our this year’s green activity ‘My Green Campus‘ in developing school campuses into greener (environment friendly) avenues based on the green lessons learned from COVID-19. To accommodate students and campuses that were unable to participate in ‘My Green Campus’ activity within the given time frame, we have announced the Winter Vacation Round of the activity in extending the green education to maximum students and their families. The campuses that have already joined the activity can also inspire the remaining students on campus to join the Winter Vacation Round who have not yet been able to participate.

All students from preschool to grade 12 can join the activity in 3 different categories with a nominal registration fee of Rs. 400 and to avail the Winter Vacation Round of My Green Campus the campuses can send registration of their students from 1st to 15th December effectively. This is going to be the final timeline without any further extension to conveniently announce the results in January, soon after the Winter Vacation.

Every participating student is to secure a precious certificate of participation. Winners will be awarded a wide range of more prizes and awards which include Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize, Laptop Cooling and Radiation Control Stands, Gold and Silver Medals, Green Stewards insignias and Honour Shields.

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