Green Living Association

The Humane Approach about the Planet and Humanity

A developed and responsible human being should have a mature and balanced approach about the world and humanity. S/he should have equal love and care for all aspects of nature and all parts of humanity. This is the simple vision and the basic approach which transforms a human into humane who is expressively connected to the entire nature and all manifestations of the universe with her/his positive approach towards humans, environment and the planet.


It is because of our narrow worldviews made by our limited approaches based upon pseudo identities that our world is badly divided into the small shells of races, colours, faiths, nationalities and ethnicities. All global problems and risks to the entire planetary lives are because of human group-oriented narrow thinking and actions under the limited identity oriented approaches.

Only after transformation from a human personality into a humane one a person could see all forms of life essentially connected to the one natural system in nature’s diverse scheme of biodiversity. S/he becomes free from the false egoistic approaches of hatred, prejudice, discrimination and separation. In reality the species of a variety of life forms exist on the planet Earth, which are part of us, and we are part of those in the nature’s scheme of diversity. Within this connected format countless species in unlimited varieties, billions of humans with entirely specific backgrounds and personality styles and a number of faiths with their variety of sects and orders combine to give the nature’s scheme of diversity a holistic shape.

Under the transformed vision a humane must love all aspects of humanity and must care for all manifestations of nature to truly become the custodian of the planet.

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