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Sharing the Green Initiatives by the Partner Schools

Green Living Association feels great pleasure in sharing the Green Initiatives by the Partner Schools’ Campuses in our Green Partnership. Any new thing the Green Angels learn about Living Green – is real success of GLA and the Partner Campus. Our prime objective is to give Green Angels practical experience of Environment in establishing their true association with nature. Such realization is essential in keeping our environment protected and cleaner.

In a number of descriptions and introductions, as given below, we can realize the sense of true achievement and great accomplishment by the campuses and their Green Angels.

9 Organic Gardens grown by the Campuses of Silver Oaks School

Here is a brief account of the wonderful initiative by the Silver Oaks School’s administration. The successful growth of the Organic Vegetable Gardens by the Green Living Campus Clubs at 9 different campuses is really a wonderful achievement. Below is given a brief introduction of the initiative as we have taken it from the Campus Garden Report sent by the School Administration. 

While believing in sustainable future through education, we introduced the green organic garden activity in our school (nine campuses) in partnership with Green Living Association. Organic gardens enhanced a sense of community ownership and stewardship. We provided Green Angels (students) with an inter-generational exposure to cultural traditions of gardening and farming as well. This was a healthy and inexpensive activity with loads of significance for students, which brought them closer to nature, and allowed them to interact with each other in a socially meaningful and physically productive way. Studies have shown that gardeners eat healthier diets than do non-gardening families. This was evident when we observed the attitude change among the students and parental reports.

We used the organic trash like orange peels, potato peels, apple peels etc. as fertilizer in the soil. Organic waste (Compost) is not made up of synthetic chemicals, which is why it does not have any harmful effects. Composting reduces the organic trash and health risks.

This activity was a real contribution to environmental sustainability. 

Following activities were performed during the activity period:

a. Group of Green Angels was established in each of the 9 participating campuses;

b. Site selection was done in every participating campus;

c. Soil used in the garden was tested before making beds;

d. Organic fertilizers were prepared (Compost);

e. Students (green angels) were given information about organic gardening and objectives of the gardening activity;

f. Weeds were removed from the garden;

g. Composting was done;

h. Vegetable seeds were sown;

i. Students kept watering and mulching the garden from time to time.

Nine of our campuses have Green Angels and we have one project manager for each campus:

  • Darwin Campus (Civil-Lines): Shabana Waheed
  • Manto Campus (Adyala): Asma Tahir
  • Galileo Campus (Chaklala): Jyoti Anand
  • Iqbal Campus (GT Rd): Bushra Sahar
  • Faraz Campus (Harley St.): Sobia Rizwan
  • Rumi Campus (S.Town): Humaira Sarwar
  • Sir Syed Campus (Gulraiz): Nadia Adeel
  • Adam Smith Campus (Saddar): Noreen Gul
  • Einstein Campus (Firdousi Lane): Shazia Tabusum

Central Project Manager: Sadaf Taimur (Head of Co-curricular & Brand Partnerships)

Silver Oaks

Fresh Salad Party at Army Public School & College Girls Branch Sialkot from the Organic Vegetables grown in the Campus Garden

How wonderful it is to celebrate the success of your Green Initiative in a party. Here is the introduction of the Campus Vegetable Garden grown by the School Adiminstration and the Green Angels at Army Public School & College (Girls) Sialkot Cantt. They really enjoyed the success of the charming growth of the organic vegetables in the Campus Garden by enjoying a Fresh Salad Party at the campus. There is a big team comprising hundreds of Green Angels which form the Green Living Campus Club at APS&C Girls Branch Sialkot – in the efficient supervision of Mrs. Neelum Usman, the Activity Head, and under the skillful administration of Mrs. Fatima Naqvi, Principal. 

APS G Sialkot 1

Growth of ‘Organic Vegetable Garden’ by Army Public School & College Boys Branch Sialkot

The idea of school garden was proposed by the then Headmistress Ms. Nazia Kaleem which was shared with the Principal Mr. Farhan Basit, who took great interest and appreciated it a lot. Finally it was designed by Green Angel department with his consent and inaugurated by Mrs. GOC Maj Gen Amir Aslam Khan (T Bt). In-charge Campus Garden: Miss Iffat Waheed (M.Sc Hons Agri-Economics) & Miss Saleha Tufail (M.Sc Biotechnology)Senior wing.

The team says:

The vegetables and plants grew and all of us saw our dreams come true. This is our “Green Garden” prepared by our Green Angels.” We congratulate all team for such a wonderful success.

APS B Sialkot

Green Vegetables Garden Grown by Green Living Campus Club – Bahria Foundation College Jhelum

Development of school garden is an excellent activity for  the Green Angels, and no doubt the campus administration. The activity provides them opportunity to see /learn how to get  food along with enjoyment and fun. Green Angels of Bahria Foundation College Jhelum enjoyed and learned development of campus garden stepwise . And the real credit goes to the leadership which includes Mrs. Riffat Shaheen Principal and Ms. Iram Sultana Coordinator. Congratulations!!

BFC Jhelum

Wonderful Growth of the Campus Garden by the City School Bahawalpur Camus

Here is an introduction of the wonderful description of the growth of the Campus Garden by the Green Living Campus Club at the City School Bahawalpur Campus. Ms. Farzana Nasir, Science Teacher, is the Coordinator of the Club under the supervision of Mr. M. Sajid Mansoor, the Principal of the Campus.



Successful Growth of the Campus Garden by Beaconhouse School System Bosan Road Multan

It’s a moment of celebration for the members of the Green Living Campus Club of Beaconhouse School System Bosan Road Multan who have successfully grown their Campus Garden on the sequential guidelines provided by Green Living Association. 66 Green Angels studying in their 4th and 5th grades actively participated in the activity. The Club coordinators are Mrs. Aliya Habib and Mrs. Anika Hasan who are actively escorting the Green Angels under the supervision of their Headmistress, Ms. Sarah Bilal.

Members of the Campus Club


Green Garden Grown by Beaconhouse School System North Nazimabad Primary IV Branch Karachi

Here is an inspirational introduction of the practical Green Initiative taken by the Green Living Club at Beaconhouse School System North Nazimabad Primary IV Branch Karachi. The Green Ambassadors of the Club not only produced the compost, on their own, but also used it to grow different Green (Organic) Vegetables and Flowering Plants in making their school Greener and more Delightful. They have made the Kitchen Garden in the school where Lettuce Plant, Chilli, Tomato Plant, Spring Onion, Ginger, Coriander and Mustard plants were grown as a team-initiative. The Green Ambassadors of the Club took proficient care of the plants by watering and monitoring the garden in a harmonized and organized manner. 

Finally, they are really happy & excited to see the vegetables grown in it.


GLC 10