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Kindness BINGO 2023

In a world filled with struggle and pain, kindness is like a deep cleansing breath that rejuvenates us with its purity, refreshes us with its goodness, and gives us the strength to persevere despite our troubles. Kindness is all the different ways — both big and small — we express care, concern, and consideration for ourselves and those with whom we share the world. It exists as heartfelt words of encouragement, thoughtful gestures of affection, and compassionate acts of generosity so many of us witness, perform, and receive as we move through life. Kindness shows up as a supportive smile, a comforting embrace, and a helping hand when we need it the most — but may expect it the least.

In short, Kindness is a reminder of why we’re here and how we can each use our lives to help others.

Green Living Association, a partner of the World Kindness Movement and its sister organization ‘Kindness Pakistan’ have launched the new activity ‘Kindness BINGO 2023’ to bring empathy, peace and social harmony among various parts of society in making a unified Pakistan and a peaceful world. The activity inspires students and their families to bring love, compassion and kindness in their lives with an opportunity of winning exclusive prizes and rewards from Kindness Pakistan and Green Living Association.

Kindness BINGO – the Activity

Kindness Bingo 2023 is a fascinating and colourful venture for the students and their families. The students of category 2 and 3 are to read 25 kindness stories in their respective guidebooks and to select and order five best kindness stories out of those into a specific ‘BINGO Pattern’ and express their learning in the creative writing. While the category 1 students and their families are to produce kindness art and creative writing on the given kindness words. In making the activity even more fascinating we have announced lucrative prizes and rewards for the participants and the schools administration

This time we have announced 7 cash prizes for the Kindness Crowns (the top national winners). Besides Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize for the 1st Kindness Crown there are 6 more Kindness Crown Prizes of Rs. 10,000, two for each category. Moreover, there are 20 Prizes for the National Winners, 40 Prizes for the Town Winners, and more than 50 prizes of Gold and Silver Medals. There are 60 Prizes for Kindness Insignia and a precious Certificate of Admiration from Kindness Pakistan and Green Living Association for every Kindness Ambassador (the participant student).

The impact of Kindness Bingo on the participating families is however much greater than merely winning a prize. The real reward is developing the habit of kindness which we develop by practice; it is nurtured with care and love and brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. No doubt, expression of Kindness could be a promising initiative in bringing love, care and unity to our families and in broader sense in building national harmony while recognizing different background cultures, faiths and traditions of our fellow citizens.