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Green Quiz 2009 – Prize Distribution

Participation in Green Quiz 2009

2009 A

Green Quiz 2009 was organized as the next activity of the campaign ‘Green Concepts‘ for a gradual and persistent development of the congregation of the young students, to get education on the priority Environmental Issues, in line with the Green Concepts Environmental Education Goals (GCEEG 2007-11. The Green Quiz proved to be a remarkable activity in developing the common societal knowledge about Environment, the critical Environmental Issues and the need for the individual and collective volunteer initiatives to effectively address those issues. 

2009 B

Green Quiz 2009 was planned not only to strengthen the knowledge of the Green Angels and their families on Environment Protection but also to practically activate them for Environment Protection in their schools, homes and communities. Over 15,000 Green Angels participated in the Green Quiz with their around 60,000 supporters in making it a Mega Success with an aim of getting and sharing the vital knowledge on core environmental issues specifically in Pakistan and generally in the world.

One of the significant aspects of Green Concepts’ activities is ‘interaction since Green Angels take the work sheets to their homes and complete the assignments in association with their supporters (selected family members). In this way the Green Angels become the messengers of change for multiple societal segments and play as role models for sustainable and long lasting development in the society. For systematic achievement of the objectives of the KARE Campaign the Green Quiz 2009 was an extended activity which allowed participation of the students from the quality educational institutes throughout the country.  

Awards & Recognition

Every participant student (Green Angel) of the Quiz was awarded recognition while exclusive prizes were distributed among the prominent performers of the activity in a colourfully arranged Green Solidarity Day on 22nd May 2009. 

2009 A
Ali Mohsin from The City School Capital Campus Islamabad First Crown Green Angel to win a Laptop Computer

2009 2
Taha Bin Tariq fromBloomfield Hall SchoolMultan Campus Second Crown Green Angel to win a Laptop Compute
  2009 3  Rafia Rehan from The City School Iqbal Campus Sialkot  Third Crown Green Angel to win A Desktop Computer
 2009 4 Neha Basit Rana
The City School Capital Campus Islamabad
Crown Green AngelTo win a Laptop Computer
 2009 5 Abdullah Khalid, Class 1N 
Bloomfield Hall School Toddlers Junior School Campus Multan
Crown Green Angel to win a Laptop Computer