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Green Living Campus Club at the School 


Young students are in the phase of habit development. Positive habits lead to positive and responsible personalities. Green Living Association is striving for Greener and Peaceful Environment by imparting the future generations ‘Practical-Green-Attitude’ in making an Environmental Friendly Pakistan and the world at large.

Green Ways is a practical campaign with its aim of involving all members of society to the practical initiatives of Environmental Conservation. During 2013 GLA established Green Living Campus Clubs in the schools joined by the Green Angels and their teachers. A GL Campus Club is organized by the GL Club-Coordinators to provide the students a platform in taking action on the environmental subjects as given in the Growing Garden Quiz Guidebooks. Thereby GL Campus Club Channelize student energy and enthusiasm into a practical initiative to let the students take a leadership role in identifying and achieving the Environmental Goals within a school’s environment.


Green Living Club Initiatives

Starting a Green Living Campus Club (GLCC) at a school campus is a great way to get students energized about taking care of their Environment and helping their community while learning about some of the most important issues facing humanity in the 21st century.

GL Club-Coordinators help the Green Angels and their Teachers to form the Green Networks by offering basic guidelines on how to start a GL Campus Club. First and foremost is the organization of the Green Ambassadors (the participants of the Growing-Garden Quiz), choosing leaders among them, and then also dedicating a teacher. The school’s team along with the GL Campus Club-Coordinators join to form the Club’s organizing Body to help ensure the required outcome of the Club by providing advice along the way and to help ensure the stability of the group from year-to-year given that all of the students, even the founders of the club, will eventually graduate, or move on to other interests or endeavours.

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How GLA Club runs practically

The GLA’s assistance helps in all Team Members sit down together to decide on the club’s vision (“Why are we here?”) and to brainstorm about possible activities or projects to undertake (“What do we want to accomplish?”). Once these questions have been answered, it’s time to hold the club’s first official meeting, which should be advertised as widely as possible to other students who may be interested in finding out what the group is about and how they can get involved, too. The foremost of the objectives of GLA Club at a School Campus is to brainstorm practical activities to be run by the Green Angels on campus for Environmental Conservation.

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Assistance by GLA

The assistance provided by the Green Living Modules and the Programme Coordinators can help your club identify their top environmental concerns at school and the way/s to work together in making a plan to green your school community. Participants are led through the exercise on developing SMART goals and objectives, and introduced to resources designed by GLA to help start environmental initiatives at school. This initiative will leave students with the motivation and tools necessary to develop their campus into a greener place.