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Environment Carnival and Walk

Walk A1

Environment Carnival & Walk was organized on 28th February at the occasion of Environment & Science Day. The Carnival Walk was arranged at Race Course Park Lahore to express solidarity of science and education in protecting Environment since it’s not education but the objective oriented quality education which can save our planet from any Environmental disaster. 


Hundreds of Green Angels, their supporters (parents, family members, friends, relatives and teachers) enthusiastically participated in the Carnival & Walk along with the schools’ higher administration and the Guests of Honour. A big number of participants including renowned celebrities, kids, women and people from different segments of life participated in the Carnival & Walk. The Carnival aimed at promoting and educating the participants about the importance of and ways to apply green practices in their daily lives with the increasing influence of science on our daily lives. 


The speakers reminded the participants that everyone should involve green practice to her daily life to reduce environmental issues existing in the world, such as climate change and air pollution especially with the growing influence of science in our daily lives.  

carnival B

A number of activities including Tree Plantation, Environment Walk, Performing Arts, Environmental Modeling, Attractive Prizes for the Participants, Participation by the celebrities and Media and Participation by the international delegates were the significant attributes of the Environment Carnival in making it a colourful, participative and interactive activity.

Walk 5A

The bags for the Gift Hampers were made of recycled paper.

carnival A

“When you get it, you can feel that the quality of recycled materials is as good as new materials. If each of us substitutes recycled materials with the new materials in our daily lives, we can reduce waste and save more resources for our next generation.”Environment Carnival & Walk was organized as part of Kids’ Action to Restore Environment ‘KARE’ an Environment Campaign organized by Green Living Association in association with the students of quality educational institutes in Pakistan. The activities of the campaign have been designed for the students from Grade Prep to A Levels in association with their supporters to promote Environment Education from kids to the elders and thereby to the different societal segments. 

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In this way the combined force of the students works together to promote the cause of Environment Protection through education, training, motivation and efficient execution.