Green Living Association

‘Cool our Planet’ (Fall 2016) Prize Distribution

Prizes for the Green Angels

First Prize:
Abroad Study Trip or Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize



For the Crown Green Angel-1 (Top National Winner)



4 Laptops fo
r Rest of the 4 Crown Green Angels Laptops, the Crown Shields and Certificate of Appreciations


Prize # 3

For 15 Star Green Angels (prominent performer at the national level)

Tabs or LED Monitors (15 Prizes) along with the Star Shields and Certificates



Prize # 4

20 Branded T-Shirts with Green Living Honour Shield

For Bright Green Angels (National Winners)

Prize # 5







200 Super Green Angels Prizes

A photo frame, Super Green Angel’s Shield and Certificate for the Campus Winner from each participating campus (at least 50 students participation is required)


Prize # 6

300 Medals for the Shining Green Angels

Achievements Medals for the best performers in a campus


Prize # 7

For Every Green Angel (Participating Student)

A World-class Certificate of Appreciation from Green Living Association as a lifelong asset


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