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‘Kindness BINGO 23’ Guidebooks

‘Kindness BINGO 23’ Guidebooks for all 3 categories!

Please find here your category’s guidebook to workout your ‘Kindness BINGO 23 Worksheet. Just click on your category’s guidebook and it will open.

Kindness Bingo 2023 is a fascinating and colourful venture for the students and their families. The students of category 2 and 3 are to read 25 kindness stories in their respective guidebooks and to select and order five best kindness stories out of those into a specific ‘BINGO Pattern’ and express their learning in the creative writing. Please find below the way how to make the BINGO Pattern


Category 3 Guidebook


Category 2 Guidebook

The Pattern how to fill in Category 1 Worksheet


Category 1 Guidebook