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Soon more than 9 billion people will share our planet. Increasing demands for food, water, energy and infrastructure are pushing nature to its limits. And the impacts of climate change are touching down everywhere we look.  

Against this backdrop, our scientists recently took a hard look at whether we really can have it all—a future where people get the food, energy and economic growth they need without sacrificing nature.

The answer is “yes”—but only if we do things right.

What emerged from our analysis was a set of key challenges facing people and nature that we must address to achieve that vision. First, we need to address climate change once and for all. Second, we need to increase food production while freezing agricultural expansion and keeping global fisheries healthy. And third, we need to focus on cities—helping them grow sustainably while maintaining healthy lands and waters.

World economic growth over the past 75 years has been bankrolled by the unsustainable use of non-renewable resources, by the destruction of biological diversity and by the emission of greenhouse gases that have triggered global environmental crises while also increasing the gaps between rich and poor. Over the last seven decades, global system of production and consumption has exploited renewable and non-renewable resources with unparalleled intensity and expansion. Ecosystems are being disfigured, altered and destroyed at a previously unimaginable pace, while the demand for food, drinking water, wood, minerals, cement, energy and so forth expands in an unsustainable manner.

Arguably, the environmental crisis can be seen as a crisis of human consciousness which is to be developed to a level of ‘humane consciousness’. The Humane perspective suggests that  only reducing the inner pollution in peoples’ minds could reduce natural pollution. Therefore, the key to the solutions of environmental problems lies in the humane values derived from a developed human mind. No doubt, a humanistic understanding of our indispensable relationship with the environment can play a crucial role in environmental protection. And for such understanding we need to enter in the realm of human responsibility and to come out of the realm of endless greed and desire for the limitless materialistic gains that invariably lead to the destruction of the environment. To mitigate the adverse effects of such a phenomenon, the humane concepts of good deeds and harmonious coexistence of all living things on earth needs to be reinstated in people’s mind.

Green Living Association

Green Living Association (GLA) is a non-governmental – non-profit organization and partner of the Cleanup the World and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) working in making the planet Cleaner and Greener. GLA is working to raise awareness about Environmental Conservation and to extend practical Environmental Education to all societal segments in Pakistan. Green Living Association was formed in 2007 as a research based initiative to educate people about Environmental Conservation and Peace by involving them to innovative and inspirational practical activities baed on humane values.


Green Living Association runs modern Environmental Education campaigns especially for the schools’ students and generally for all segments of society by arranging innovative, colourful and interactive activities. The focus of our campaigns and activities is to inspire human inner potential to contribute selflessly in the process of pollution check, effective waste management and energy conservation in order to make an Environment Friendly society. We call each Green Angel (the participating student of an activity) a Winner and offer him/ her recognition. Besides presenting the prizes like abroad study trips, lucrative cash prizes, laptops, desktop computers, LED Monitors, smart electronic devices and gifts of practical nature to the prominent performers, GLA offers at least one recognition to each participant of an activity in making it colourful and striking venture for the participants.


The focus of Green Living Association is to provide practical environmental education to all segments of society in bringing Environmental Conservation to people’s lives and lifestyles with a spirit to contribute their times and energies in making an environment friendly society. Under its first 5-yearly campaign ‘Kids’ Action to Restore Environment’ (KARE 2007-11), GLA reached to 75,000 Pkistani families in association with our Green Partner schools. Under its second 5-yearly practical campaign ‘Collective Action to Restore Environment’ (CARE 2012-16), GLA successfully raised the figure to well above 200,000 families across the nation. Under its third 5-yearly campaign ‘Collective Action to control Climate Change’ (CATCH 2017-21) GLA aims at reaching to each Pakistani with a message of environmental conservation in association with the Green Partner institutes and print/ electronic media.

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Let’s join hands and contribute our parts in making an environment friendly Pakistani society and a pollution free planet. Together we share vision, hope, and action in transforming this vision into reality. 

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