Green Living Association

Prizes and Participation Guidelines

To join the activity the school’s administration is given time to register the students before and during the Winter Break. The campuses can submit the participants registration after the Winter Break.

The activity has been organised under three categories of students; the first category includes the students from preschool to grade 3, the second category includes the students from grade 4 to grade 7 and the third category comprises the students from grade 8 to grade 12. All three categories have the respective Guidebooks for their proper understanding and fruitful participation. The categories have been grouped based on the students’ average level of understanding and their supportive learning in association with their families. Each Green Angel is encouraged to make his/her 4 to 5 supporters and fill in their worksheets in their association. In this way the benefits of learning are extended from the Green Angels to their families and thereby to all segments of society.

Prizes and awards

1st Prize: Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize and the Honour Shield

For the Crown Green Angel-1 (Top National Winner)

2nd Prize: For Rest of the 3 Crown Green Angels –

Laptops, the Crown Shields and Certificates

3rd Prize: For 10 Star Green Angels (prominent performer at national level) LED Monitors or tablets (10 Prizes) along with the Star Shields and Certificates

4th Prize: Gold Medals for Brilliant Green Angels

The Brilliant Performers among the rest

5th Prize: Silver Medals for Bright Green Angels

The Bright Performers among the rest

6th Prize: Green Pakistan Insignia for the emerging performer

Green Angels

7th Prize: 200 Super Green Angels Prizes

A photo frame, Super Green Angel’s Shield and Certificate for the Campus Winner from each participating campus

8th Prize: Green Angel Certification to Every Green Angel (Participating Student)

A Precious Certificate of Appreciation as an endured asset

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