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Respecting Biodiversity

Biodiversity includes a great variation within and between species of the living organisms. All living species associates and forming the complex system and is an important tool of the biodiversity. As the species is the group of individuals with capability of reproducing the same species in the next generation. In general term the biodiversity or biological diversity IA variation of species of all type of natural habitats with presence of certain species. Diversity in ecosystem includes species diversity, habitat diversity and ecosystem diversity. Interactive relationship between environment and biota creates complex system in nature.

Climatic changes, pollution level, vegetation structure and composition etc. are key factors participating in structure and function of such system. Adaptability of the certain species is a remarkable characters important quality of the species which support them to live in specific climatic condition and also playing role in survival of the species. Species variation is determined by the effect of gene activity and regulated by the presence of environmental facilities available for the species, group of the same species or by the association of individual species forming a population structure. Its occurrence, Density and dispersal are variable components.

Each species has a unique life pattern and growth power in their natural habitat is known as their biotic potential. Better climatic condition supports the biotic potential of the species whereas adverse condition of the environment becomes dangerous for growth and development of the certain species. Population structure is changeable according to the changes in climates. So, the variation in life forms are essential for successful regulation of the ecosystem and is also remarkable for their valuation in multifold directions like,

Importance of Biodiversity

  1. Source of Food, Fodder and fuel
  2. Sources of Medicine
  3. Pollution management
  4. Control on Soil erosion
  5. Soil quality improvement
  6. Forming a Healthy Ecosystem
  7. Protection of Resources
  8. Nutrients recycling
  9. Source of Recreation
  10. Important for cultural development
  11. Water recycling
  12. Economic growth
  13. Knowledge about the species and their value in nature
  14. Ethical values
  15. Cultural values
  16. For protection of our planet
  17. For existence of the species
  18. For environmental cleanup
  19. Recreational value
  20. Reduction of risk of climatic changes etc

Finally, Biodiversity plays important role in the presence, multiplication and for existence of the biological species in the nature which are its important components and key elements for better and healthy environment. It also performing role in conservation of natural resources.

Source: Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species/ ISSN: 2332-2543

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