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Kindness Bingo 2018

Kindness BINGO 2018’ was a fascinating game for the students and their families to bring love, compassion and kindness in their lives with an opportunity of winning exclusive prizes and rewards. All students from grades preschool to 12 could participate in 3 different categories

The students and their families were to read 25 Kindness stories from their category’s Kindness Guidebook and to select 5 best stories and bring those into the BINGO pattern. The activity also included ‘Creative Writing’ on Kindness in making the game more interesting and result oriented. In making the activity more colourful and attractive than ever, this time we announced much more prizes for the participants, in fact, every participant is to achieve something out of Kindness BINGO.


In making the activity even more inspiring than ever, we have announced a wide range of prizes and awards for the participants. Besides Rs. 100,000 Cash Prize, Kindness Stars, Exclusive Gold Medallists, Exclusive Silver Medallists and Kindness Global Representatives Insignia, there was a precious Recognition Certificate for each participant of the activity.

The real reward of joining ‘Kindness BINGO’ is however much precious than just winning the prizes. It’s developing the habit of kindness which we develop by practice; it is nurtured with care and love and brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. Kindness BINGO introduces kindness in many forms; some in helping others either directly or indirectly, some in form of helping and showing love to the lesser beings. No doubt, expression of Kindness could be a promising initiative in bringing love, care and unity to our families and in broader sense in building national harmony while recognizing different background cultures, faiths and traditions of our fellow citizens.

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