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Kindness is like a habit we develop by practice, it is nurtured with care and love and brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. It comes in many forms, some in softly spoken words, or in giving a good advice, some in helping others either directly or indirectly, some in form of helping and showing love to the lesser beings. In the first quarter of 2016, Green Living Association, a member of the World Kindness Movement, organised ‘Kindness BINGO’ in bringing love, peace and social harmony among various parts of the nation in making a unified Pakistan and a Peaceful world.

Kindness BINGO’ was a fascinating game for the students and their families who rated the kindness stories given in the guidebooks into their exclusive order to develop Kindness as habit – and to win lucrative prizes. The impact of Kindness BINGO is however much greater than merely winning the prizes. 

A participating student, with the help from his/ her 4 supporters, read 25 Kindness stories from the specific Kindness Guidebook of the respective category, available on our websites, to bring them into the precise BINGO order as set by Green Living Association.

The winners of the Kindness BINGO received lucrative prizes which included Abroad Study Trip, Rs. 100,000 CASH Prize and hundreds of more for the students and the Schools’ Administrations (Please click prizes below to view). 

Moreover, there are hundreds of ‘Campus Winner Awards’ dedicated to the campus winner students from the campuses with their participation of 50 or more students. Furthermore, Bright Green Angels received Bright Medals for their prominent performance in the campus. 


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Why Kindness?

People grow up in a society with different values like different colours and fragrances of flowers in a garden. It is important to keep uniqueness of every individual integrated and make adjustments/allowances for more personal space and liberty for the difference in culture, values, views and standpoints. Expression of Kindness could be a promising initiative in building national harmony while recognizing different background cultures, faiths and traditions of others.

National disharmony may manifest in the form of regional or ethnic bias and may lead to discrimination, extremism and injustice. It may leave seething scars or simmering sores o­n the mind of the members of the different communities in a society. It may keep the law & order situation in many towns and cities severely tense and may put the whole legislative, governmental administrative and judicial machinery under great strain and may give a strong feeling of insecurity to the citizens. Social disharmony may rip apart various constituents in a society and could cause a situation of constant conflict.

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