Green Living Association



Green Living Association (GLA) is a non-governmental, non-profit and not-for-funding (self relined) organization working to expand Environmental Education in Pakistan. GLA is part of Green Living initiatives worldwide and partner of the Cleanup the World and United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP).

Green Living Association started its first Environmental Education campaign ‘Kids’ Action to Restore Environment’ (KARE) in 2007, challenging students in Lahore schools to participate in the first ever Green Quiz. At the heart of the activity was the fact that despite a visible strengthening of the national economy during 2000 -2005, Pakistan’s environment and natural resources remained under increasing pollution and rising stress. It was then established that lack of common awareness and mismanagement of resources were the root causes of environmental degradation in Pakistan to heighten vulnerabilities to natural disasters and climate change. This helped define the Green Living Association’s vision and goals.


Green Living Association organizes colorful and interactive educational activities based on innovative ideas to educate students and their families about Environmental Conservation. Activities include Green Exhibitions, Environmental Quizzes, Green Performing Arts and Carnivals and Environmental Walks. One of the innovative ideas behind each activity is to declare each Green Ambassador a winner, giving them at least one award. In addition to handing out prizes to the best performers such as eco-friendly field trips, cash prizes, laptops, desktop computers, LED displays and other eye-catching giveaways, GLA offers token recognition to all participants in an environmental activity.

One of the great means of success is the concept of “association” that associates each Green Ambassador with his/ her (on average) 4 family members to work together on the given environmental tasks. This creative research-based method proved to be highly successful and, along with other inventive ideas, helped GLA to successfully achieve its planned educational goals.


After the successful completion of three 5-yearly campaigns (Kids’ Action to Restore Environment (KARE), Collective Action to Restore Environment (CARE), Collective Action to Control Climate Change (CATCH), last year, GLA launched its fourth 5 yearly campaign ‘My Green Planet’ to bring greener developments to human life based on lessons learned from the global pandemic.

To keep its noble objectives intact and uninterrupted Green Living Green Living Association and never accepts any kind of funding or donation from any local or outside resources. Our wonderful achievements since 2007 are solely dedicated to our in-house fund management and strictly curtailing the expenses without accepting a single rupee of support from any source outside the organization.

Let’s join hands and play our part in developing a greener and cleaner Pakistani society for a healthier planet. Together, we share vision, hope and action to turn that vision into reality.