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3R’s Campus Quiz

3R's Campus Quiz 

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Green Living Association launched 3Rs Quiz in the last quarter of 2014 under its 5 yearly practical Environmental Campaign 'Green Ways' which was successfully accomplished in January 2015 with wonderful learning and participation by the Green Angels and their families. The schools' students from all grades have participated in ‘3Rs Campus Quiz which had been categorised in 3 categories in accordance with the students’ educational grades. Category 1 (Grade preschool to 3),     Category 2 (Grade 4 to 7)    &     Category 3 (Grade 8 to 12)

As a strategy to make 3R's practical pfroject more productive, a Green Angel was encouraged to make 4 supporters (among the family members & relatives), and to execute activities in association with them. All categories Guidebooks were provided to facilitate the work of Green Angels in association with their families. 


Prizes for the Participants

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As frequently emphasized by Green Living Association, material prizes announced are smaller token in making the Green Learning colourful and iteresting for the participants. This has been a tradition of Green Living Association to present more prizes than the announced plan. In making the project more attractive, colourful and rewarding than ever this time Green Living Association has announced exclusive Prize Range for the participants. The 3R's Quiz prizes are supplemented with the addition of Superlative Honour Shields for the prominent participants at national level. Please find below the announced prizes in comparison to the distributed ones.

3R's Campus Quiz Prizes

Prize # 1

For the First Crown Green Angel (CGA)

An Abroad Study Trip OR a Cash Prize of Rs. 100,000 along with the Crown Shield and the Certificate by Green Living Association

For Rest of the 3 Crown Green Angels 3 Prizes of Laptops were announced whereas Green Living Association increased the number to five. The Laptops have been presented along with the Crown Shields and Appreciation Certificates

Prize # 3

5 LCD Monitors were announced for the Star Green Angels (the National Winners) whereas Green Living Association presented the prize to 24 Green Angels (almost 5 times more than we announced) along with the Star Shields and Certificates

Prize # 4

For the Super Green Angels (Campus Winner)

There was a condition of at least 50 students participation from a campus to win this prize. However, we presented this prize to the campuses with their participation much lesser than this number. The Super Green Angel Prize included the Appreciation Shield for the Winner, an Imported Photo Frame and Recognition Certificate.  

Prize # 5

For Every Green Angel (Participating Student)

A Recognition Certificate by Green Living Association as a lifelong asset

About the Guidebooks

Cat 1 Guidebook small title

CAT 2 Guide Book small Title

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Under our gradual progression from theoretical to practical education the ‘3Rs Campus Project’ is focused to transform our conservation habits and practices in the school and community lives. The Guidebooks of 3R's Campus Quiz were designed according to the mental capacities of Green Angels in a particular category. A bit higher standard of the contents was to allow association and guidance by the Supporters (family members).

It was incumbent on Supporters and the School Coordinators to carefully explain why sustainability initiatives matter, how they will improve the quality of campus life, how they will save the campus money, and how they will ultimately enhance the campus landscape.

The objective of 3Rs Campus Quiz is to make Green Angels understand how a 3Rs (Recycle, Reduce & Reuse) project can improve their lives on campus and why sustainability matters for their education and practical lives.